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Meet Alpinehikers Guide: Matt Hart

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We understand that its nice to know who you will be exploring the trails with during your Alpinehikers adventure. My name is Eryka Thorley and I work in the Alpinehikers office as well as guide in the Alps. Each month we will be introducing you to another member of our fantastic Alpinehikers guide staff in   Continue Reading →

The National Swiss Dish: Rösti

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It turns out the American fried potato craze is not unique, in fact it’s a global phenomenon. People everywhere love fried potatoes and Switzerland is no exception. Let me introduce to you… Rösti. Originally from the Canton of Bern, Rösti (almost rhymes with PUSH-tea, but with an R) was first recognized as a farmer’s breakfast   Continue Reading →

The Weather of the Alps with Troy Haines, Alinehiker’s Founder and Owner

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The weather of the Alps doesn’t necessarily play by the rules. Long range forecasts are dodgy, areas in close proximity are extremely variable and rain showers (depending on where you are) are not unusual. Troy Haines, Alpinehikers owner and founder, and I recently sat down to discuss the complexities of weather when traveling by foot through the   Continue Reading →