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Swiss craft workbench and two artists

The Swiss Culture of Craftsmanship

Any conversation about Swiss culture will quickly point out the craftsmanship at the heart of everything the Swiss do. And anyone discussing qual...
Alps hotel, Dolomites, Italy

A Dolomites Hotel With a Difference

What makes a hotel in the Alps truly great? It might be the gourmet restaurant, the superb wine selection, the panoramic view…  Combine a ...

Winter Holiday Traditions in the Swiss Alps Scholz At first glance, winter holidays in the Alps are just what you’d imagine: blankets of snow are piled high atop ti...

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Great Guides Make All the Difference

It's always fun to hear from our guests. Sandy hiked with us on a Guided Tour du Mont Blanc and shared this glowing review of her experience. She offers some ra
spa robe in front of window with flower box Hotel Bouton d'Or, Alps Italy

Hotel Bouton d’Or Welcomes You Along the TMB

There are many elements of a hotel that make it a good one, and there are certainly plenty of good ones to be found in the Alps.  It might be the gourmet resta
group of Swiss dairy cows
Switzerland. get natural. The Neckervalley is located in the heart of the Region Toggenburg in eastern Switzerland. The traditional cattle show in Brunnadern is a highlight in the autumn customs of the valley. Schweiz. ganz natuerlich. Die traditionelle Viehschau in Brunnadern im Neckertal. Das Neckertal liegt im Herzen der Ostschweiz in der Region Toggenburg im Einzugsgebiet von St. Gallen, Wil und Zuerich. Suisse. tout naturellement. Le Neckervallee est situe au cÏur de la region Toggenburg dans la Suisse orientale. Le betail traditionels montrent dans le village de Brunnadern est un point culminant dans les coutumes dÕautomne de la vallee. Copyright by: Switzerland Tourism - By-Line: / BAFU / Beat Mueller  

Traditional Farming in the Swiss Alps

[caption id="attachment_20184" align="alignnone" width="770"] Cows graze on a steep hillside above the Lauterbrunnen Valley with Schmadribach Falls in the backg