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Swiss Alps Flower Primer Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of our Alps wildflower primer, be sure to check it out too.  Summer in the Swiss Alps seems to burst forth daily with new f...

Swiss Flower Primer Part 1

The flowers in the Alps are beyond compare.  It seems that every few days new varieties pop up.  Early June is a great time to visit to see ful...

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When the Sun Shines at Midnight

Sidney Haines, age 13, has been visiting the Alps with her family, the founders and owners of Alpinehikers, almost every summer since she was a baby. These are

Taking the Kids to the Alps

"This is not worth it... we have to turn around."  I'm stopped on a steep trail part-way to the remote Berghotel Obersteinberg, and this is what I'm thinking.

A Song for the Hotel Grones

There are many elements of a hotel that make it a good one, and there are certainly plenty of good ones to be found in the Alps.  It might be the gourmet resta