A Wonderful First Trip to the Alps

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Deborah Charlap has been with us for a little over a year now.  This past June, she took her first trip to the Alps, visiting both Switzerland and France.

Alpinehikers staff on the trail above Murren, Switzerland

Troy designed a trip that would give Deb a broad overview of the country and our tours, with a short dip into France, as well. A cheese buffet of choices, if you will. She explored from the Bernese Oberland south to Zermatt, on the Glacier Express 8 hours east to Pontresina, and then all the way to Chamonix by way of Lucerne.

Deb got to spend time hiking (and eating!) with two of our guided tours (the Bernese Oberland Traverse Part A and our Grand Tour), as well as gain some experience on her own navigating the train system and the trails.

I really had no idea the sheer magnitude of the mountains.  Pictures just don’t tell the whole story.

petting goats at Tschingelhorn Inn while hiking in Switzerland

She’s written up some trip reports to share with you here, along with lots of photos, a few epiphanies…

…And some goats!



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