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Private Guided Tour of Monte Rosa

Our most strenuous tour, a private guided circuit of Monte Rosa through the picturesque valleys of Switzerland and Italy.

Private Guided Tour of Monte Rosa

Our most strenuous tour, a private guided circuit of Monte Rosa through the picturesque valleys of Switzerland and Italy.

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Time to get wild. The Monte Rosa may not be the most famous mountain in the Alps but it is actually Switzerland’s highest peak.

Anchoring the border between Switzerland and Italy, this rugged peak has an extensive web of trails, panoramic views, and flower filled alpine meadows. This circuit around the Monte Rosa rivals many of the world’s great hikes with picturesque views and a remote vibe. Get off the beaten path to experience one of the hidden gems of the Alps!

We didn’t say it’s an easy hike. This is a rugged tour, with high passes, a glacier crossing, and two nights in simple mountain huts. Our luggage will be moved from Saas Fee to Zermatt, so we’ll carry what we need for the 5 nights in Italy. Hand-washing hiking clothes in the evening will be a key to keeping your pack size down. Then, at the end of the trip, a mountain guide will lead us – roped up – over the easy but  vast Theodul Glacier on our way to Zermatt. This is truly a unique tour of one of the Alp’s most beautiful and quietest mountain regions.

Your private guides will be there the whole way. They will help with the right pace on the trail and the right wine with dinner. They’ll keep you entertained and informed and will get you where you need to go. No need to worry about anything other than hiking and enjoying. If you want an adventurous tour, the private guided Tour of Monte Rosa is as adventurous and memorable as it gets.

  • 8 days, 7 nights
  • Jun 20 - Sep 20, 2024
  • $5390 8+ People
  • $6290 6-7 People
  • $7490 4-5 People
  • $850 Single Room

Itinerary At a Glance

Day 1

Saas Fee

We’ll meet in the picturesque mountain village of Saas Fee, a car-free village surrounded by a cirque of glacier-clad peaks.  A 4-star hotel, a good meal, and a long chat about the strenuous hikes to come

Days 2-6

Macugnaga to Cervinia

We’ll cross the mountains into Italy, and start our traverse across the rugged mountain valleys radiating from Monte Rosa.  Hard fought passes, sweeping views, and peaceful nights.

Days 7-8

Cervinia to Zermatt

We’ll meet our Italian mountain guide here for the easy but exciting roped traverse across the Theodul glacier. The Matterhorn to our left, Monte Rosa and a myriad of peaks to our right.  It’s stunning.  Finish with a luxurious night in Zermatt.


Your tour will be led by an experienced Alpinehikers guide, with guided hikes daily. All transfers to and from trailheads are included. You’ll stay 5 nights in village hotels and 2 nights in mountain huts in dormitory. All breakfasts, picnic lunches, and dinners are included.  We only have 1 luggage transfer, from Saas Fee to Zermatt, so you’ll carry what you need for 5 nights.  A 2nd class 3 day Swiss rail pass is included for arrival and departure.

Full Itinerary

Day 1

Saas Fee

Arrive in Switzerland, and transfer by train and bus to your meeting point in the car-free village of Saas Fee. Saas Fee is tucked against a cirque of attractive mountains with plenty of trails and high mountain lifts to explore if you arrive early.

There is a train station in both the Zurich and Geneva airports, and traveling to Saas Fee will be easy and scenic. In Saas Fee, we stay near the center of town in a beautiful and friendly 4-star hotel. Enjoy your first views in the Valais region of Switzerland before meeting your private guide for dinner and to discuss the tour to come.

Arrival: Zürich or Geneva. Plan to arrive by the day your tour starts. There is a train station in both the Zürich and Geneva airports, with hourly departures for Saas Fee.  The final leg of the journey, from Visp, is by bus. Travel time, 3:30 hrs.

Hotel Allalin
  • Dinner

Day 2


Our first hike of the tour takes us along the Mattmark reservoir to the Monte Moro pass, where we cross from Switzerland into Italy with sweeping views of the Monte Rosa massif.

After a short transfer from Saas Fee we find ourselves atop a remote mountain reservoir at the back of the Saastal Valley where we begin our hike with views of cascading waterfalls coming off the glaciers to the west. As we begin climbing through the stream fed meadows those with a keen eye can make out the statue of the Golden Madonna della Nevi watching over the region from her perch at the pass above.

From the pass, a clear day will present awesome views of Monte Rosa at the back the valley.  We’ll begin our descent to Macugnaga over rocky slabs and through flowery meadows. There’s an early stop where we have the option to be whisked to the valley floor below by cable car or continue our descent on foot.

HIKE: hike: 6-8 hours, 9 miles; Elevation: 2150 ft. up, 5100 ft. down

Hotel Cima Jazzi or Dream
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 3

Rifugio Pastore

Hiking past small alpine hamlets and across glacially fed streams with a craggy skyline above, we’ll reach the rustic Rifugio Pastore, a simple mountain inn with fantastic food and 5-star views of the Monte Rosa.

After passing through several small settlements we’ll trade quaint trails for meticulously built stone “roads” once used to transport goods during medieval times. The Quarazza valley is both quiet and epic in scale. Once on the other side of the Colle de Turlo, we’ll take a series of meandering switchbacks down to our alpine hut for the evening, where we’ll have small shared dorms with separate bathroom/shower.

HIKE: hike: 9-10 hours, 13 miles; Elevation: 4870 ft. up, 3970 ft. down

rifugio Pastore
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 4


Taking a quiet trail down past a roaring waterfall and meandering through the forest from Rifugio Pastore we’ll stroll through the nearby village of Alagna before beginning our ascent for the day.

Today is a big day, but there is a lot to see.  We’ll walk through the Valle d’Otro and its quaint Walser stone buildings. Following switchbacks through the shade of larch pines and past the hamlets of Scarpia and Pianmisura, we climb up and then up, through the high alpine meadows leading to Passo Foric and the Col d’Olen.

From the pass, we’ll enjoy sweeping views of the valley below before beginning our descent toward Lago Gabiet and a welcome gondola ride into Stafal where we’ll sleep in a comfortable and friendly hotel for the night.

HIKE: hike: 9-10 hours, 11 miles; Elevation: 5750 ft. up, 3350 ft. down

Hotel Nordend or similar
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 5

rifugio Guide Frachey or Ferraro

Nestled just on the slopes just above treeline and the villages of Resy and St. Jacques is tonight’s mountain hut

We’ll take a scenic and enjoyable route from Stafal up past a series of small lakes and hanging meadows towards the Passo del Rothorn. Once here we’ll enjoy our lunch before following the trail through a maze of boulders above an open and grassy trail below. Once we’re back on trail we’ll contour around a series of small slopes towards our destination for the evening, two neighboring huts with a fantastic view of our hike for tomorrow as a backdrop.

HIKE: hike: 6 hours, 8 miles; Elevation: 3350 ft. up, 2550 ft. down

rifugio Guide Frachey or Ferraro
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 6


Leaving our simple rifugio, we’ll stroll through past bubbling streams and rocky overlooks towards the picturesque Ventina Valley.

Following a wide and softly trodden path through this lush and grassy valley, we’ll gradually gain altitude until we’re rewarded with views of the Grand Lake. This hanging glacially fed lake has a deep emerald color from the water draining off of the high peaks of the Monte Rosetta and Grand Tournalin above. After following a set of steep switchbacks above the lake we’ll reach the Nord des Cimes Bianches pass where we are rewarded with a stunning view of the Matterhorn perched above the town of Cervinia.

Taking a rocky trail down towards the Lago Cime Bianche we’ll hop on the gondola and down to our hotel for this evening.

HIKE: hike: 6-7 hours, 8 miles; Elevation: 3350 ft. up, 1000 ft. down

Hotel Edelweiss or similar
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 7


Our last day of hiking is full of breathtaking views and new modes of travel as we hike up and over the Theodul Pass crossing from Italy back into Switzerland. Starting with another gondola ride back up to the Lago Cime Bianche we’ll work our way up through the slopes to the historic Theodul Pass. Once here we’ll take a welcome break to soak in views of the Klein Matterhorn and the sweeping glaciers below the Theodul hut, perched right on the ridge.

We’ll meet up with our glacial crossing guides for the afternoon and gear up to cross over the glacier . The glacier is easy, but it is important to be safe. We’ll enjoy ever changing views of the Matterhorn just off our left shoulders as we descend towards Zermatt. Reach the end of the ice at Gandegg hut – a great stop to enjoy a few last moments high in the mountains. From here, either take the cable car back to Zermatt, or walk the pleasant trail. Once back in town we’ll enjoy a luxurious night at one of our favorite hotels, the 4-star Hotel Europe, and a beautiful dinner for our final night together.

HIKE: hike: 6-7 hours, 7 miles; Elevation: 1750 ft. up, 1350 ft. down

Hotel Europe or similar
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 8


After breakfast at our hotel, we’ll say our good-byes and leave for our post-trip destinations.

Departure: Zürich or Geneva. It is 4 hrs from Zermatt to Zürich or Geneva by train.  Trains start at 6 am if you need an early start, and leave frequently throughout the day.

  • Breakfast

What's great about this tour

  • This is our most off-the-beaten-path trek
  • Your own private guide, your group, your trip.
  • A strenuous inn-to-inn with 7 stops in 7 nights
  • A lot of Italy with a little bit of Switzerland
  • Rugged, remote trails best for strong hikers who like a challenge
  • Guided, roped glacier crossing beneath the Matterhorn
  • Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn and more

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