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Get on the Right Track with the Outdooractive Travel App

Get on the Right Track with the Outdooractive Travel App

Starting with the summer 2022 season, Alpinehikers is offering our hikes on the Outdooractive app for real-time GPS navigation on the trail. The app lets you do your route-finding at the tap of a finger.  Detailed routes, key points of interest, viewpoints, cable cars, and current weather information are all available in one quick and easy glance at your phone.

Alpinehikers on the Outdooractive app

We’ve been busy uploading all of our route notes, with detours, rainy-day options, and friendly trail advice.  As your tour gets closer, we’ll send you a private link to activate your complimentary 30 day Pro account, and you’ll also receive links to all the hiking routes we’ve included in your tour packet.  Just click on the link, open it in the app, download for offline use, and you’ll be ready to go.

Outdooractive’s detailed map layers come straight from SwissTopo and other official mapping services. We like offline mode.  This lets you download your routes from your hotel before you hit the trail.  Then when you get beyond cell reception – or turn on airplane mode – you’ll have GPS confidence. No matter how far out you go, you’ll know where to stop for the next coffee and a piece of torte (always a priority for us!), and you’ll see at a glance if you’re still on track.

Complimentary Pro Account

Your tour with Alpinehikers includes a complimentary 30 day Pro account. You’ll get the ad-free version and all the features, with no credit card and nothing to cancel.  Just enter your email and choose a password.

It’s not 1999 anymore!  You have phones and you use them, and it’s definitely time we brought our info to you digitally.  We’re excited.  We think you’ll enjoy your trail time even more with all the custom, detailed route notes you’ve come to expect from Alpinehikers in a new, mobile, real-time GPS format.


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