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Received the packet of goodness. I love how organized it is – awesome job.

HUGE thanks for taking the time and effort to sort thru and provide us with the ‘real’ trip summary!

Thank you for your always thoughtful and useful information.

Deb Charlap

administrative operations and marketing

Deborah Charlap manages administrative operations and marketing for Alpinehikers. She explores new opportunities to make our office an effective, engaged workplace and celebrates the ways that everyone’s adventures contribute to our company’s story. “I’ve never considered myself an explorer and now I work surrounded by professional guides… Their enthusiasm is contagious! It’s made me more eager to find the adventures in everyday life and just get out there more.”

Some of Deb’s adventures include homesteading in rural Arizona and training companion and working dogs. A magical trip to Switzerland in the summer of 2013 marked her transformation from occasional hiker to avid adventurer, and further travels have only solidified this.

“There was this Sound-of-Music-style moment — alone in an alpine meadow, surrounded by yellow globe flowers and towering white peaks… It’s an incredible place to stretch your boundaries.”

Deb is also our in-house designer… gathering photos, designing maps, obsessing over fonts, color, mood, message, and pulling everything together just so.  She is the reason your tour packet consists of more than just a few pages of paper stapled together (our early “tour packaging”).

Get on the Right Track with the Outdooractive Travel App

Starting with the summer 2022 season, Alpinehikers is offering our hikes on the Outdooractive app for real-time GPS navigation on the trail. The app lets you do your route-finding at the tap of a finger.  Detailed routes, key points of interest, viewpoints, cable cars, and current weather information are all available in one quick and easy glance at your phone....

Great Guides Make All the Difference

It's always fun to hear from our guests. Sandy hiked with us on a Guided Tour du Mont Blanc and shared this glowing review of her experience. She offers some rave praise for her guides. Filled with insight and very specific details, reading her perspective is a great way to get to know us and learn a bit about what...

Unexpected Blessings in a Time of Pandemic

Living in this time of Covid, we find ourselves learning and changing to meet the new reality. Alpinehikers staff and guides share some perspectives on their challenges, as well as many unexpected blessings. Coming as no surprise, family is a big theme, as is getting outdoors to play, and slowing down to notice the details of our days.     [caption...

The Art of Photography

This is the first in a series of blog posts exploring the art (and fun!) of photography. We hope to help you take better pictures whether you’re using a camera phone or a professional DSLR. From exploring your own backyard to travelling to far-off destinations, photography is a great way to observe, record, and connect with incredible people and places!...

Trip Report 4 | Knackered

We're heading to Oberhornsee this morning.  "See" (pronounced 'say') means lake, so we're going to 'see the See'.  It's about an hour or so up to the lake, and then the plan is to backtrack and head for Mürren.  I'm still not a perfect fit for this hiking thing.  I'd really rather head straight for our next village.  Not knowing...

Trip Report 3 | Hut-to-Hut Hiking

If yesterday's hike -- for which I'd trained not once -- challenged my positivity, I expect today and tomorrow will be a crash course in keeping the faith while keeping the pace.  I'm not too worried.  Mountain huts are one of the miracles of Switzerland.  I've been fantasizing about this for more than a year.  You hike all day, but...

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