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Riederalp, Bettmerhorn and the Mighty Aletsch Glacier

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The Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier in the Alps.  It’s a massive river of ice 14 miles long and 3000 ft thick at Koncordiaplatz, its thickest point.  This is what people travel to Jungfraujoch to see, stretching out from the Jungfrau in the Bernese Oberland down toward Valais.  It’s spectacular.  Oh yeah, it’s pretty   Continue Reading →

Chocolate and its Swiss Origins

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Who doesn’t love chocolate? My husband, but that’s a story in itself. Most people love it, crave it and schedule it into their daily lives. Switzerland’s chocolate is a category all its own and because of this it is an important piece of any Switzerland travel. We’ll introduce you to the history of Swiss chocolate   Continue Reading →

The Weather of the Alps with Troy Haines, Alpinehiker’s Founder and Owner

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The weather of the Alps doesn’t necessarily play by the rules. Long range forecasts are dodgy, areas in close proximity are extremely variable and rain showers (depending on where you are) are not unusual. Troy Haines, Alpinehikers owner and founder, and I recently sat down to discuss the complexities of weather when traveling by foot through the   Continue Reading →