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Becki Rupp

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Becki Rupp is the owner of Trailblazer Wellness, which exists to help people get more
physically active, so they have the strength and stamina to enjoy the experiences they’ve
dreamed of having. Visit to learn more, check out the Trailblazer Wellness Facebook page or contact Becki at ©
2022, Trailblazer Wellness, LLC.

Content created by Becki Rupp and Trailblazer Wellness, LLC, is for informational purposes
only and may not be the best fit for you and your personal situation. Information included in
these posts shall not be construed as medical advice. The information and education provided
here is not intended or implied to supplement or replace professional medical treatment,
advice, and/or diagnosis. Always check with your own physician or medical professional
before trying or implementing any information read in our blog posts.

Training for the Alps in the Flatlands: 3 Elements for Success

Growing up in Michigan, I was fascinated by the mountains, especially the Alps in Switzerland. “The Sound of Music” movie and “Heidi” cartoons embedded images of snowcapped peaks into my developing brain. Perhaps I’m biased, but I suspect that those who live in the flatlands dream more often and more vividly of hiking in the Alps! Which is why I...

5 Key Components to Preparing for a Post-Injury Hiking Trip

We understand the importance of physical and mental preparedness when it comes to enjoying your adventures in the Alps.  To put some resources at your fingertips, we’ve teamed up with Becki Rupp from Trailblazer Wellness to explore how a personal trainer can help you get trail ready. In this series, we’ll explore a number of topics ranging from injury prevention...

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