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Geneva airport TMB shuttles

Geneva airport TMB shuttles

If you are hiking the TMB or any of the trails around Chamonix, it is likely you will want to fly to Geneva.  Chamonix is very convenient from Geneva by airport shuttle.  We recommend booking either a shared or private shuttle as soon as you’ve booked your flights.  Shuttles will fill as the summer approaches, so this is best taken care of at least a month or two before your tour, or honestly, whenever you have your flights.

Booking: There are many companies that offer this service, but we’ve been very happy with these two over the years.  We normally book Mountain Dropoffs for shared taxis and Chamonix Valley Transfers for a private driver, but both companies have both services.  You can book through our member links below:

Shared: Shared shuttles are only available between the Geneva airport and Chamonix hotels.  They are 10 person vans, and you will book individual seats on this shared transfer.  They don’t generally have a set schedule but are organized around times that work for the number of people coming, so there may be some waiting for others to arrive at the airport, and some stops at various hotels in Chamonix.  The actual drive takes about 1:15 hrs, but budget a couple hours for this trip.  These journeys cost between 50-60€ per person for core hours between 7am – 10 pm, and we always recommend a refundable rate in case your plans change or flight arrives late.

Private: Private shuttles are a private taxi for you and your group.  They can be arranged for the airport like the shared shuttles, or for Geneva hotels, other stops like Annecy or Courmayeur, or for particularly early or late transfers.  A private shuttle between Geneva and Chamonix usually costs 230-250€ total each way.

Both Shared and Private shuttles drop off and pick up at your hotel.  They will send an email confirmation when you book, and a text message the night before your trip with driver’s name and contact and a more detailed pickup time estimate (for shared shuttles).  They will need flight #s (or other arrival details if you are not flying), destination hotels, your email, and cell phone number they can reach you at during your trip.


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