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Reflections on the Great Alpine Classics Tour

Reflections on the Great Alpine Classics Tour

The European summer hiking season has begun! We recently received a wonderful note from Dale and Colleen Adams who just finished up a self-guided 9-night, 10-day Great Alpine Classics tour, that brought them to Murren, Zermatt, and Chamonix. All the included pictures were taken by them along the way.

Matterhorn sunset Swiss Alps

Hi Alpinehikers-

We arrived home this morning, June 25th (at 4 am after leaving Chamonix at 6 am Central Europe time on the 24th…Air France to Canada was late and then Canadian connecting flights were late…so we got into Winnipeg at 1 am and still had a 2+ hr drive home…at least we were able to see the northern lights as we drove along!).  We wanted to take the opportunity to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed the trip you put together for us.  I think it was better than we dreamed it could be!  A bit of weather in the Murren area, but still wonderful.  We plan to go back and just go to Murren!  There was something great about each area, but Murren is special.

Montenvers train from trail, Chamonix, France

Everything worked very smoothly.  We appreciated the hikes, the maps, the tips on what to do.  The rail passes were so handy…I think we got as much exercise hustling to the next platform as we did hiking!  We got in some wonderful hikes and are still sore from coming down from Glace de Mer to Chamonix!  We had a complete white-out when we hiked from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg, so plan to go back to Murren and get that accomplished!

Aiguille du Midi mountain climbers, French Alps
We had a bit of a hiccup at the hotel in Chamonix, but we were put in a different room and eventually the hotel grew on us!  It does have a fantastic view, the staff were friendly and we had a good, comfortable base after all.  The Bellevue in Murren was so charming…we’d stay there again in a heartbeat.  But the Europe Hotel in Zermatt….wow!  We were treated like royalty and fed like there was no tomorrow!  SO clean, so shiny and nice, such wonderful waitstaff and other hotel staff…just superb!  And of course, that view!  I think we took 2000 pics of the Matterhorn…couldn’t stop!

Matterhorn, Swiss Alps
So, all in all, this is to say thank you for putting this all together for us.  Your expertise made it smooth for us and it was a dream come true.

Colleen & Dale Adams

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