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The Swiss Alps are Calling

The Swiss Alps are Calling

The Bernese Oberland is a magical place full of signing cow bells, eye catching rainbow colored wildflowers and thousands of picture perfect waterfalls.  This is a call to travel from Alpinehikers guide Eryka Thorley as she reminisces her way through the Bernese Oberland.  Traveling through this region will take your breath away, guaranteed, leaving you eager to plan your next mountain adventure.

Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Swiss Alps

Arriving in the Bernese Oberland for the first time, you undoubtedly will be overwhelmed by the nonstop steady stream of postcard like views.  Between the vibrant green glow of the valley meadows and the stark textured dramatic walls of the ancient limestone, it’s lucky that you will likely be in the safe care of a train conductor and not distracted behind the wheel.  The Bernese Oberland is home to a long list of magical Swiss icons.  Included are the mountain trilogy, the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, limitless cascading waterfalls, record setting gigantic glaciers and a culturally unique group of people that have been living in this landscape for hundreds of years.

alpine wildflowers, Switzerland

Spending my first summer in the Bernese Oberland I have learned countless things.  These include the now familiar welcoming call on the trail of “Gruezi”, the deliciousness of carefully grated and crispily cooked “Rösti” potatoes, the importance of beautiful and diverse wildflowers in the making of “Alpkäse” and how healing the sun’s evening ritual of alpenglow on rock walls of the Alps truly is.

Swiss cow on hiking trail through alpine meadow

Whether of not you are looking for an exercise filled hiking tour of culinary delight, nightly capped with dream-inducing feather pillows in cozy Swiss chalets, or you are ready for a cultural and environmental tour of the best the Alps has to offer, the Bernese Oberland is your place.  Either way, by the end of your stay, your camera will be happily filled with post card worthy photos, your belly will be soothed by incredible Swiss chocolate and wildflower flavored high meadow cheese (Alpkåse) and your heart will be full from the non-stop beauty of magical mountain views.  The Bernese Oberland is calling… what are you waiting for?

hiker on trail in Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland, Swiss Alps
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