Thomy: The Swiss Staple

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One of the top best little things you’ll find in Switzerland is Thomy’s. Just when you need it most, it’s there when you’re eating a potentially boring sandwich on the trail or when you’re making a creative dinner at home. Thomy is there for any condiment pairing occasion with its endless varieties, ready to satisfy all of your craving needs.

The options are endless.

I was first introduced to Thomy in the Murren grocery store. It was love at first sight with their rainbow colored varieties and neatly organized display. The biggest challenge was limiting myself to one tube as you don’t need 4 condiment varieties to carry on the trail.  I still spend too long debating the dijon variety or the spicy horseradish scharf forte.  Usually I end up fitting both into my pack.

Thomy works hard to maintain their Swiss popularity with clever ads like this one.

Thomy is made in Basel Switzerland (and Germany) and has been for the past 87 years. When it comes to Swiss popularity, Thomy was voted one of the top 20 Swiss brands for the past 10 years. On average Swiss people consume 5 Thomy mayonnaise tubes a year and 3 mustard tubes. Needless to say, Thomy is a staple in the Swiss household with 2.3 million people indulging in Thomy on a regular basis.

A classic Thomy advertisement, even the standard boy meets girl moment needs Thomy.

The tube packaging is what makes Thomy so unique.  They were the first company to put mustard into a squeeze tube and it has stuck.  Next time you’re in Europe, be sure to pick up an assortment of Thomy souvenirs as your friends and family back home will quickly learn to love the ease of the squeeze as well as the flavor.  As Abby likes to say, “Although it comes in what looks like a paint tube, it’s a totally edible yellow”.

Thomy even skateboards these days, although mayonnaise doesn’t seem to be having a great time.

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