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Private Guided Deluxe Bernese Oberland Traverse

This tour covers the Alpine Pass Route across the Bernese Oberland in style, with luxurious hotels, 1st class service, and your own private guide.

Private Guided Deluxe Bernese Oberland Traverse

This tour covers the Alpine Pass Route across the Bernese Oberland in style, with luxurious hotels, 1st class service, and your own private guide.

  • Private Guided,
  • Inn-To-Inn,
    Activity Level
  • Moderate to Challenging,

Prepare to be blown away. The mountains of the Bernese Oberland are that impressive.

Not only that, the meadows burst with flowers and the waterfalls are unreal. This is the fairytale Switzerland. The Bernese Oberland is our home away from home in Switzerland, the tour that started it all through the heart of the Alps, and we absolutely love this deluxe version of our classic itinerary, with deluxe 4-star hotels, quiet trails and thrilling discoveries.

Your private guide will be there every step of the way, taking care of all the details and making sure you have everything you need. This is an adventurous trip. You’ll hike to 5 different locations, crossing numerous passes, as you hike from Grindelwald to Kandersteg. Extra nights allow you to explore hidden valleys where you find the real magic in this region. And you’ll do it in style, stopping in the finest hotels in each village.  As with all of our deluxe tours, you’ll have your luggage every night, so you can hike with the freedom of a small daypack. It’s perfect.


See our Self-guided version

  • 9 days, 8 nights
  • Jun 15 – Sep 30, 2024
  • $6490 8+ People
  • $6790 6-7 People
  • $7590 4-5 People
  • $9390 2-3 People
  • $1250 Single Room

Itinerary At a Glance

Days 1-3

Grindelwald to Wengen

Hello Switzerland! This is the heart of the Jungfrau region, nestled right at the base of the astounding Eiger North Face. Hikes include panoramic balcony walks and adventurous dives deep into the mountains. The Eiger, scenic Grindelwald, car-free Wengen with 4-star hotels each night.

Days 4-5


You’ll hike from Wengen to Murren, our home away from home in the Alps, and an absolute paradise for hikers. Stunning views of the Eiger and Jungfrau are a little hard to believe, but they’re real. Quiet trails into forgotten valleys are blissful and memorable.

Days 6-9

Murren to Kandersteg

Now the hiking gets real, with two big passes. Heading west from the Jungfrau region, you trek through the less-visited valleys of Kiental and Kandertal. One night in a cozy remote inn, countless waterfalls and one stunning blue lake later, finish with two luxurious nights in a 4-star hotel in Kandersteg. Depart by train after breakfast.


Your tour will be led by an experienced Alpinehikers guide, with guided hikes daily. All transfers to and from trailheads are included. You’ll stay 7 nights in 4-star hotels and 1 night in a 3-star superior hotel, with all breakfasts and dinners included. Luggage transfers to all stops are also part of your tour, as well as a 1st class 3 day Swiss rail pass for arrival and departure.

Full Itinerary

Day 1

arrive in Grindelwald

Arrive in Switzerland, and transfer by train to the Grindelwald, at the base of the famous Eiger North Face. It’s a scenic trip, passing through farms and along lakes as the mountain giants of the Bernese Oberland get closer and closer.

Although it’s the largest mountain village in the region, Grindelwald is still quite small. After checking into our deluxe 4-star hotel, you might enjoy a stroll through the village or a drink in the views from a scenic restaurant terrace. In the late afternoon, you’ll meet your guide and the rest of your group to start the Deluxe Bernese Oberland tour.

Arrival: Zürich or Geneva. Plan to arrive by the day your tour starts. There is a train station in both the Zürich and Geneva airports, with hourly departures for this region. Travel time, 3 hrs (Zürich) or 4 hrs (Geneva)

4-star Hotel Belvedere or similar
  • Dinner

Day 2

Grindelwald, Hike to Bachsee lake

After a hearty breakfast, we’ll take a short bus ride up to the Grosse Scheidegg pass and enjoy sweeping views of the Eiger, Wetterhorn and Schreckhorn mountains and of the Grindelwald valley.

With 10,000 vertical feet separating valley from peak, Grindelwald sits at the base of one of the most impressive vertical mountain walls in the world. Perhaps we’ll detour via the postcard-perfect Bachsee lake before winding back down to Grindelwald.

HIKE: 6-8 hours, 8.5 miles; Elevation: 1400 ft. up, 2710 ft. down.

4-star Hotel Belvedere or similar
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 3

hike the Eiger Trail to Wengen

Today we’ll start with a short train ride out of Grindewald to a mellow mountain inn near the top of tree line. Our morning today is dominated by great close-up views of the Eiger North Face – perhaps the most notorious mountain wall in the Swiss Alps.

We’ll hike up to the famous Kleine Scheidegg pass under the Eiger North Face, where the Mönch and Jungfrau mountains also come into view. After a break for lunch, we’ll descend on quiet side-trails with incredible waterfall and glacier views to the car-free village of Wengen for a restful night.

HIKE: 6-8 hours, 12 miles; Elevation: 2960 ft. up, 4100 ft. down

Hotel Schonegg, Alpine or similar
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 4

hike the Lauterbrunnen valley to Mürren

Our trail from Wengen starts downhill to Lauterbrunnen and then leads past countless waterfalls along the lush Lauterbrunnen valley floor. After a break for lunch, we’ll hike up a steep trail through a quiet, wooded valley into one of the most spectacular corners of the Alps.

Our trail winds up through sleepy Gimmelwald to Mürren, a postcard-perfect car-free village perched on the edge of a cliff with unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains. Stay in the impeccable 4-star Hotel Eiger.

HIKE: 5-7 hours, 9 miles; Elevation: 2770 ft. up, 1510 ft. down

4-star Hotel Eiger
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 5

Mürren, hike to Lobhorn hut

There are numerous dayhike possibilities around Mürren. One beautiful trail leads up to the Lobhorn hut and nearby Sulsee mountain lake, for superb all-around views. Shorter hikes traverse the meadows above town, with numerous mountain inns along the way inviting you to stop and linger.

Or feel free to just unwind in one of the most scenic and relaxing villages in the Alps. Our hotel has a delightful pool and spa, and the Schilthorn cable car is a memorable daytrip to a scenic peak.

HIKE: 6-8 hours, 8.5 miles; Elevation: 2040 ft. up, 2040 ft. down

4-star Hotel Eiger
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 6

Mürren, Hike to Rotstock hut

Our trail leads up and back into the deep recesses of the Sefinen Valley.  A steep climb is followed by a long, flatter stretch along a sunny, south-facing trail to the Rotstock hut, where we can stop for drinks and perhaps an early lunch. Crane your neck to see the revolving restaurant atop the Schilthorn high above us

If you’d like a big day today, the trail continues, leading up to the quiet recesses of the rocky Sefinenfurke pass.  Return to Rotstock and then veer off across a minor ridge to vary the descent back to Murren.

HIKE: 6-8 hours, 10 miles; Elevation: 3200 ft. up, 3200 ft. down

Hotel Eiger
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 7

train to Kandersteg, hike to Oeschinen Lake

We’ll hop on the train to Kandersteg today, a beautiful journey that takes just over 2 hrs.  Dropping our bags at our hotel, we’ll have plenty of time to head off on a hike!  The best hiking destination in Kandersteg is the jewel-like Oeschinen Lake – an emerald-green lake surrounded by cliffs which has to be seen to be believed.

You can either relax at the lake, or take a bigger hike high above the lake for perfect birds-eye views.  Return to Kandersteg, where you stay in a deluxe 4-star hotel on the edge of town.

HIKE: 4-6 hours, 8.5 miles; Elevation: 2670 ft. up, 2670 ft. down

4-star Hotel Doldenhorn
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 8

Kandersteg, hike the Gasterntal valley

For our grand finale, we’ll head up on a quiet path leading south towards the Klus gorge. The power of the Kander river is impressive as you climb through this narrow gorge and emerge into the hidden Gasterntal valley.

This is a picture-perfect hideaway – a small, U-shaped valley, carpeted with wildflowers and guarded by savage cliffs. Waterfalls bursting from the sides of cliffs add to the scenery. We’ll stop at a mountain inn for lunch and explore the back of the valley before returning by van to Kandersteg for our final celebratory dinner.

HIKE: 5-7 hours, 10 miles; Elevation: 1970 ft. up, 740 ft. down

4-star Hotel Doldenhorn
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 9


Today we say good-bye to the Bernese Oberland and depart for Kandersteg and our post-tour destinations.

Departure: Zürich or Geneva. It is 2:30 hrs from Kandersteg to Zürich, 3:30 hrs to Geneva by train.  Trains start at 6 am if you need an early start, and leave hourly throughout the day.

  • Breakfast

Tour Options

Private Guided Deluxe Bernese Oberland Traverse


  • Great options for easier days, plus 2 big passes
  • A moderate inn-to-inn with 4 stops in 8 nights
  • Your own private guide, your group, your trip
  • Waterfalls, flowers, epic mountains, fairytale Alps
  • 4-star hotels, 1st class rail, luggage every night
  • The most luxurious tour to our favorite region
  • $64908+ People
  • $67906-7 People
  • $75904-5 People
  • $93902-3 People
  • $1250Single Room

Private Guided Best of the Bernese Oberland


  • Your own private guide, your group, your trip
  • Great options for easier days – our most flexible tour
  • A moderate inn-to-inn with 5 stops in 6 nights
  • Private rooms all nights and luggage 5 of the 6 nights
  • Enchanting stops like Obersteinberg and epic mountains daily
  • Everything… this is fairytale Alps
  • $41908+ people
  • $44906 to 7 people
  • $49904 to 5 people
  • $65902 to 3 people
  • $650Single Room

Private Guided Classic Bernese Oberland Traverse


  • Your own private guide, your group, your trip
  • Great options for both harder and easier days
  • A moderate inn-to-inn with 8 stops in 10 nights
  • Private rooms all nights and luggage 8 of the 10 nights
  • Hidden valleys, wildflowers, mountains, waterfalls!
  • Our top choice for a first trip to the Alps
  • $52908+ people
  • $56906 to 7 people
  • $65904 to 5 people
  • $89902 to 3 people
  • $850Single Room

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