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Alpinehikers 2017 Photo Contest Winners and Their Stories

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One of the things I always share with people about the Alps is that while in this part of the world you are surrounded by non-stop postcard worthy photo opportunities.  The Alps are strikingly beautiful.  With that said, the biggest constraint on capturing these photos is the photography skills behind the camera — at least   Continue Reading →

The Art of Photography

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This is the first in a series of blog posts exploring the art (and fun!) of photography. We hope to help you take better pictures whether you’re using a camera phone or a professional DSLR. From exploring your own backyard to travelling to far-off destinations, photography is a great way to observe, record, and connect   Continue Reading →

Photo Essay: A Summer in Snapshots

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Throughout my first summer guiding in Switzerland I strove to capture the beauty and simplicity of what I saw around me. While leading tours I would collect a few snapshots. In the land of cheese and chocolate I found magic in the details. 1) Globe Flower Explosion The Globe flower’s scientific name is Trollius. They   Continue Reading →